Some Background to The Absence of Madeleine McCann

Some Background to The Absence of Madeleine McCann


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Greg Lance-Watkins

Madeleine Beth McCannwas born 12-May-2003 and went missing during the night of Thursday, 03-May-2007.

It is claimed that she went missing from her bed in an apartment in Praia da Luz, a holiday resort in Portugal in the Algarve region of . She was on holiday there from the UK with her parents, twin siblings and a group of family friends and their children.

The disappearance became what the Daily Telegraph called “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.” What actually happened that night is still unknown!

It is claimed that Madeleine and her younger siblings were left asleep unattended at 20:30hrs in the ground-floor apartment while her parents went out for the evening. Unarguably an irresponsible act of reckless abandonment and negligence.

The parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, joined friends in a Tapas bar around 50 metres away, on the other side of an ornamental pond, resulting in a distance of around 75 meters or about 250 feet away.

The parents claim they checked on the children throughout the evening until Madeleine’s mother discovered she was missing at 22:00. Though there were reports the party did not leave the bar until after midnight and there would seem to be no third party corroboration of the claim the babies were checked on, let alone regularly!
The Portuguese police apparently accept that Madeleine had been abducted, though who first suggested this seems inditerminate.
As a result of their interpreting of a British DNA analysis they came to believe that Madeleine had died in the apartment, which clearly implicated her parents.
The McCanns were officially declared to bearguidos’(suspects) in September 2007, but  when Portugal’s attorney-general closed the case one result of which was they were no longer under investigation as suspects in July 2008.
The parents continued their campaign of publicity instructing private detectives, but after the British Home Secretary instigated a new inquiry by Scotland Yard in May 2011.The new inquiry was called Operation Grange.

The Portuguese police reopened their own investigation in October 2013, but there seemed to be little collaboration between the two police forces.

During the October Scotland Yard released e-fit images of men they wanted to trace, including one of a man seen carrying a child toward the beach that night, and said that they had a theory that Madeleine was taken during a pre-planned abduction, another theory was she had been abducted during a burglary that went wrong.
The mystery attracted sustained international interest encouraged by the publicity seeking of the McCnns and an extensive fund raising campaign they orchestrated, allegedly to fund staff & travel expenses to extend the publicity.

The McCanns were obviously subjected to intense scrutiny and allegations of involvement in their daughter’s death, particularly in the tabloid press and onthe internet.

The parents added to their funding through an award of damages against the Express Group and front-page apologies from the group’s newspapers in 2008.

They added to their publicity by testifying before the Leveson Inquiry in 2011.
The only certainty to come of this sorry afair in the intervening years is that had Kate & Gerry McCann acted as responsible parents and not recklessly left their 3 babies unattended it is probable that Madeleine would not now be absent be it either abducted or dead.
I understand that it being a holiday resort there are various registered baby sitters available who could readily have been hired to ensure the safety of the 3 babies.



Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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