Portuguese & British Police Fall Out re McCann case

Portuguese & British Police Fall Out re McCann case


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Greg Lance-Watkins


Portuguese & British Police Fall Out re McCann case or so it seems!

(Translated by Astro)

Maddie. PJ warns English that they don’t want to see the investigation in the newspapers

by Carlos Diogo Santos
published on 3 Mar 2014 – 05:00


The PJ inspectors stress that within “international cooperation there is no room for states of mind”

The different communication strategies between the Portuguese and the British authorities within the Maddie case are bothering the PJ. The discomfort has gone far enough for the PJ to warn the Metropolitan Police that it refuses to carry out the investigation through the papers. Since the English police decided to perform its own investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the English press has been frequently revealing information about the ongoing diligences. Much of these news turned out to be unfounded, further pushing away the possibility of cooperation with the PJ. At stake is equally the fact that both police forces have different investigation lines and also opposite communication policies, some inspectors, who prefer not to be identified, confirmed to i.

According to sources that know the process, the PJ has already informed its British counterparts that it “wants to continue to run its investigation within the process and not in the newspapers”. A call to attention in order to clarify that they don’t want English police sources commenting on supposed facts of the Portuguese investigation. Even because, they say, it is something that the British ignore. In Portugal, an investigation is being led by a team from Oporto, but it’s been officers from the PJ in Portimão that have been replying to the rogatory letters that were sent by the English, which is to say, the requests for assistance to the London investigation.

The strategy of the Portuguese – not to render information about their investigation public – was already known by the British, but some news quoting anonymous sources within the Metropolitan Police forced this warning. “The PJ will continue with the necessary discretion, which is known to its British counterpart. The media is out of our equation during the investigation. And if it was never said that there are suspects it’s because there is nothing strong enough”, a police source clarified.

Just last week an article was published in Portugal reporting that the English had received a secret dossier from the Judiciária, concerning burglars that lived in the Algarve and could even have already committed crimes against children. To i, the same source assures that the information is false: “No secret dossier whatsovere was handed over to the Metropolitan Police.” Another person that is close to the process explained that what the English called a secret dossier may simply be the list of persons with a criminal record that resided close to Praia da Luz, which the PJ sent within the fulfilment of a rogatory letter.

Over recent months, the English media reported every Scotland Yard suspect, published e-fits from the police – which i revealed were made by detectives that were being paid by the child’s parents after all – and publicised the sending of the three rogatory letters from the English investigators before the Portuguese authorities knew about those requests for international assistance.

A reconstitution of the evening of the crime was made – which was not filmed in Portugal – and broadcast in England, Germany and Holland. After the “thousands of leads” that the Metropolitan Police told the media had been received following the television shows’ broadcast, the strategy remains focused on tracing mobile phones of people that were near the Ocean Club resort on the evening of the 3rd of May of 2007, the day that the child went missing.

For the PJ officers that were contacted by i, this kind of behaviour won’t have an effect on the cooperation between both police forces. “The rogatories will be carried out in the most committed way possible, because within international cooperation there is no room for states of mind”, a PJ source concluded.

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