#Kate_McCann & #Gerry_McCann Lose Their 3rd. & Final Appeal In Court …


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#Kate_McCann & #Gerry_McCann Lose Their 3rd. & Final Appeal In Court …

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Greg Lance – Watkins

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‘Clear grounds for the prosecution of
Kate & Gerry McCann’





as I have said for many years, the only way that Kate & Gerry McCann can ever clear their name for direct responsibility for the disappearance of the daughter Madeleine, and her probable death, the daughter who was one of 3 babies who they recklessly abandoned to go out carousing with their chums, in a taverna over 150 yards away, will be to face prosecution and justice in a British Court.

I do not believe on the ervidence and facts available that either Kate or Gerry or any other party was responsible for the murder of Madeleine but I do believe that Kate & Gerry McCann were jointly and severally directly responsible for her disapearance and probable death, as a result of criminal and culpable reckless abandonment leading to that disapearance and probable death.

Why have they not been prosecuted or was it just because they were an affluent middle class couple rather than on benefitys living in rented accomodation – it does unfortunately seem that way as had they been less well off less well educated and less adroit at manipulating the media and other peoples emotions they would long hence have been charged!

There would seem to be a very clear divide in who is brought to justice and who is not and it does rather look as if it is purely on social/class grounds!

However I believe the farce will continue as I do not believe that they would be able to clear their names and reputations in a just court, after consideration of the facts and evidence already well aired in the public domain.


Madeleine McCann’s parents Kate and Gerry ‘lose third libel battle to silence cop who claimed they faked her kidnap’

Portugal’s highest court dismissed Gerry and Kate’s bid to overturn a ruling that Goncalo Amaral did not libel them in tell-all book

MADDIE McCann’s parents have lost a third and ‘final’ appeal against claims made in a book by the policeman who oversaw the hunt for their daughter, it is reported.

Portugal’s highest court dismissed Gerry and Kate’s bid to overturn a court’s ruling that Goncalo Amaral had not libelled them in a tell-all book.

Gerry and Kate McCann haven't given up the search for their daughter

PA:Press Association
Gerry and Kate McCann are reported to have lost a third appeal over claims a Portuguese cop libelled them in a book about the investigation into their missing daughter Maddie

Goncalo Amaral

Getty Images
Amaral published The Truth of the Lie in 2008 which led to a TV documentary

The Truth Of The Lie alleged the youngster had died and Kate and Gerry McCann covered it up.

Supreme court judge Dr Jorge Manuel Roque Nogueira dismissed the McCann’s claim on Wednesday, Portugal Resident reported today.

It is the third time a Portuguese court has upheld Amaral’s right to freedom of expression.

There is no higher Portuguese court to which Maddie’s parents can now take their claim.

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Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins

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